Motivation is the drive for navvy individual to perform effectively and efficiently. However, most organization-government, private, and non-profit- are still operating from the assumption that human potentials are motivated by extrinsic, monetary incentives. Thus, continue on developing short-term incentives plan. Have they measure and evaluate the individual performance, findings will confirm that extrinsic incentives are fruitless.

If we assume money is not the real motivation for better performance, what is it that motivate you to be engaged and continue to perform effectively. Think about this example and share your thought.

Imagine it is 1995, two encyclopedias are going to be launched. One is totally funded by Microsoft, a large and profitable company, in which authors, editors and all workers WILL BE PAID to work. The second encyclopedia will not be funded by any organization, it will be developed by individuals, thousands of them, who write and edit articles for fun.

Think about fifteen years later, which of the two encyclopedias will continue to be the largest and most popular in the world. Share you prediction, and tell Which will continue, and Which will defunct.