Business & Cultural Awareness

Ministry of Defense
Armed Forces



” One of the reasons why so many solutions do not work or cannot be implemented is because differences in thinking among partners have been ignored”

Geert Hofstede / 2005


Business & Cultural course aims to increase business awareness of nationals through learning about strategies for managing diversity in the workplace. This course, which was delivered to the Ministry of Defense representatives in Armed Forces in UAE, was directed to increase cross-cultural awareness, with special reference to Asian, European, American and Far Eastern cultures and to have  the opportunity to examine their own and others’ stereotypes.


By adopting Hofstede Cultural Dimensions, which was developed in the 80s by Geert Hofstede through a longitudinal study of IBM employees, the workshop helped Armed Force Top Management to recognize and understand the culturally based work styles of their Asian, European, American and Far Eastern partners and practice international communication.