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The Second Kuwait Quality Summit , 2 – 3 May 2012, Costa Del Sol Hotel Kuwait

I will be speaking @ the The Second Kuwait Quality Summit , 2 – 3 May 2012, Costa Del Sol Hotel Kuwait


Abstract: ” Quality and Knowledge Management: What You Have to Do With It! “


In the last ten years, Knowledge Management ( KM ) has been viewed as one of the key elements in the quality management process that can help increase knowledge creation and utilization within the organization. Knowledge Management is defined as a communicative and social process that can potentially increase the productivity of an organization to deliver effective and efficient services and products by sharing and making existing explicit and tacit knowledge available to the members of the organization or by developing new knowledge for use by the organization.

Based on the implementations of Knowledge Management tools and techniques in many international organizations, KM appears to have an influential impact on the performance of the organization, by influencing the work relationships to enhance collaboration, learning, decision making, and task execution. Understanding organizational performance and productivity, and the role KM is playing is a key aspect of the realization that although traditional ways of influencing work relationships include financial incentives and exercise of power could work collaboration and knowledge sharing provides another potential mechanism for improving performance and creating a competitive edge.


This paper aims to conceptually advance management research by exploring an integrated approach that incorporates knowledge management ( KM ) into the Total Quality Management Processes. The focus of this research is to:


1. Introduce KM to the audience and explain how KM is relevant to any Quality Management Processes in General.
2. Examine the similarities and differences between Total Quality Management Processes and KM Practices,
3. Develop an inclusive approach to management by integrating KM into TQM, and
4. Introduce different tools and techniques to assist in better implementing KM in the organization.


Generally, any furtherance of quality insurance initiatives should address and integrate rather than differentiate newer fields like knowledge management to ensure better quality management.